Easter Monday: The North Side

16 November, 2009

This Atlantic: bluer than sacrament, brighter than pain,
supplier of buoy-pots, candlewax, quilt-scraps, wrecks,
ballastbricks for chimneystoves, old tyres for shoes,
string and winecasks and even, maybe, bones —
the things ships cast off when passing by
or sinking down.

The resurrection side.

A blue hole swallows the unwary, offers up
its perfect mystery. A thousand feet from shore
a shelf dives undersea a thousand fathoms deep.
The North Side ridge looks down. The water’s stripes
bleed turquoise, blue, and indigo.

You stare into the risen sun until you know.

— Nicolette Bethel

Published in Town issue 2, January 2010. Download the PDF broadside here.

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