Issue 2, January 2010

06 January, 2010

town 2 thumbnails

The second issue of Town might be read as an oblique (and rather belated) response to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in Port of Spain last November. Or else simply as a collection of poems and images by five writers and one artist based in or connected to a number of countries around the world that happen to belong to the postcolonial entity called the Commonwealth: Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Gibraltar, Guyana, India, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom.

Follow the links below to read the contents of Town 2 online, and to download PDFs of this issue’s eight broadsides.


2:1....Easter Monday: The North Side, by Nicolette Bethel

2:2, 2:3, 2:4....And Evil Eyes Can’t Even See Their Own Hell, Holes 2, and Holes (all 2008), by Sandra Brewster

2:5....Contemporary Poetry in the UK: An Introduction, Part 1, by Ken Edwards

2:6....Commonwealth of Bees, by Alex Houen

2:7....Lightning in the Fall, by Ian McDonald

2:8....Sickness Brings Not Understanding, by Vivek Narayanan

Notes on contributors