Contemporary Poetry in the UK: An Introduction, Part 1

16 November, 2009

Hi, my names Sean Dumbell and im 15 from Liverpool, i just felt like sharing my work as it is how i channel my feelings, i think that by sharing my feelings i will prevent an build up of emotions inside me, thanks

Hello, I am Chinese Contract Hire female human expert, Ling Valentine.
I am unique in the UK!
I bring you best UK car takeaway poetry menu!

You need a cat, or music.
Beauty is very brief.
Food is like that, too.
The dumpling is a forever food for me.

I got some sort of blue stuff inside.
I am no longer human.
I sleep in the air, setting a course at night
across the offshore wind, agoraphobic
frumps need not apply.

A man from Surbiton in the Compton Stand fumbles past a damp copy of The Daily Telegraph and retrieves his third scotch egg of the day.

— Ken Edwards

Published in Town issue 2, January 2010. Download the PDF broadside here.

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