Issue 1, October 2009

02 October, 2009

town 1 thumbnails

The first issue of Town starts at home, with contributions from four Trinidadian writers (two of them based abroad) and a Trinidadian artist. It features poems by the magazine’s three editors — putting our own writing on the line, or at least on the wall — as well as a piece of short fiction and three haunting images. Follow the links below to read the contents of Town 1 online, and to download PDFs of this issue’s seven broadsides.


1:1....A World, by Vahni Capildeo

1:2....A Fable about a Transformation, by Kelvin Christopher James

1:3....How to Say This, by Anu Lakhan

1:4....A Place to Start, by Nicholas Laughlin

1:5, 1:6, 1:7....Images from The Dimming series, by Nikolai Noel

Notes on contributors