A Fable about a Transformation

02 October, 2009

A practice of his every visit was using, without sanction, the electrical outlets of Best-Buddies’ homes for recharging his portable communicative gadgets — of which he sported every latest example.

An opportunistic personality, Tom-ii regularly attended Celebrity parties and spoke eloquently about current trivia like national politics, or exotic diets that created superior fingernails, or the daily potable water requirements in tropic climes.

Then one evening, upon self-examination, his soul was forced to cringe and tremble at a disgusting hobgoblin of under-achievement found cowering there.

Inspired by current Carbon Footprint notions, Tom-ii turned his acumen towards establishing the concept of one’s “Psychic Footprint” with the practice of “Generosity” as its driving philosophy. He suggested “Forgiveness” to be a significant factor.

As consequence, he is now so much “in demand” that Tom-ii has come to burying his “contact devices” under bedclothes, then retreating to a cavernous walk-in clothes-closet and lying there on the lush Peace & Quiet carpet to collect some.

Tom-ii keeps his other ambitions busy by constructing a fantasy that appearance fees have made suddenly affordable: this is a solar-powered eco-house on a small Caribbean island with “only appropriate” flora and fauna — leafy trees with delicious fruits aplenty, colourful birds, and playful butterflies. No mosquitoes, gnats, or sandflies. Maybe a few moths and a small bat or two.

Moral: Enlightenment may also reveal the Mundane.

— Kelvin Christopher James

Published in Town issue 1, October 2009. Download the PDF broadside here.

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