Issue 4, June 2010

11 June, 2010

town 4 announcement image

The fourth issue of Town offers meditations on beginnings and ends, pasts and futures, homes and aways, by four poets and one artist.

Follow the links below to read the contents of Town 4 online, and to download PDFs of this issue’s six broadsides.


4:1....De Santos (2000), by Holly Bynoe

4:2....Pedigree (2010), by Holly Bynoe

4:3....Requiem for Aunt May, by Ishion Hutchinson

4:4....Carp Fishpond Fable, by Agnes Lehoczky

4:5....Preface, by Valzhyna Mort

4:6....Cherry-Blossom Time, by John Whale

Notes on contributors